MEXICO - Report

The government has set an ambitious goal of 35% of clean energy supply by 2024, which will have wide ranging implications for Mexico’s energy hungry commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors.

Peru: Energy Tenders in 2016

In anticipation of our upcoming renewable energy congress in Peru, we got in touch with Dr. Alberto Ríos to analysis the renewable energy tenders across Latin America in 2016. To download the latest report, click below:

Colombia Report

Despite a rich endowment in renewable energy potential, Colombia has lagged behind many of its South American neighbours in developing wind and solar projects, which currently account for under 1% of total electrical generation. An energy strategy based on major hydroelectric projects backed up by thermal generation – fuelled by major coal and gas reserves – gave little priority to renewables…. until now...

Cost Overrun Report

Latin American renewable energy projects suffer fairly normal completion delays compared to other regions, but are far more likely to incur project cost overruns. A brief analysis of the problem — and a call to action to remedy.

MEXICO - Report

The first LTPA was launched on November 19, 2015 and concluded on March 31, 2016 with the final ruling made by CENACE. In the end 18 bids belonging to 16 power plants led to 10 winners.

BRAZIL - Webinar

What is the expected trajectory for solar distributed generation upscale in Brazil, and what does this mean for market opportunities? Watch our free webinar.

MIREC WEEK: Houston Briefing

Two leading investors in Latin American renewable energy from Marathon Capital and Aldwych Capital discuss potential pitfalls and associated risks of entering the market.

BRASIL - Report

Green Power has put together this snapshot report to highlight the opportunities and challenges in this vast market. 

CHILE: Report

Renewable energy medium-term market report highlights Latin America with a special focus on Chile providing market analysis and forecasts to 2020.