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Watch our latest webinars covering key topics on solar, wind, hydrogen and corporate energy procurement. We have been working with our community of industry experts to bring you the latest insights into the world's energy transition. Our webinars average around 500+ attendees, so you will also have ample opportunity to network with others through our chat and Q&A functionalities.

Interested in taking part? We are looking for a select number of commercial partners to communicate their expertise and insights. If you would like to get involved in any of the following webinars then please get in touch with us by emailing or phoning us on

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Watch our previous webinars on-demand...

The power of PV SCADA: Ensuring compliance, performance and bankability


- Summary of the current solar environment
- Non-performance of assets and risks Inhibitors for performance and bankability
- How to ensure compliance and performance using a data driven approach


Utilising digitalisation to maximise operational performance


Revolutionise your client engagement strategy. Keep-pace as the world goes digital and ensure you reach your existing and new clients direct to their PC.



How to Digitalize Operations for Scaling - A Practical Approach


Unfazed by the global pandemic, the pace of digitalisation continues to rapidly transform renewables portfolios worldwide. Ensuring digital transformations can scale is critical to their future success.
This exclusive webinar will share industry secrets and tips for achieving scalable digital transformation, including best practices.


Understand your losses: How can AI boost PV performance


This webinar reveals a cutting-edge AI research project by global project developers Scatec Solar and Equinor, along with AI experts Prediktor and Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology. Understand your solar plant’s underperformance issues, learn how AI translates to PV portfolio performance and discover approaches and case studies for AI development.


Spanish Clean Hydrogen Opportunities       

A 45-minute online webinar covering the opportunity in Spain to develop and scale the hydrogen production and distribution industry. 2 key speakers and an interactive Q & A session will give attendees a deep dive understanding of the strategic opportunities.




Hydrogen & Renewables       

This 45-minute online webinar covered the opportunity for considerable growth of the renewable industry to power clean hydrogen electrolysis. 2 key speakers and an interactive Q & A session took place to give attendees a deeper understanding of the strategic opportunities.




Hydrogen: Greening the gas grid       

This 45-minute online webinar covered the opportunity to achieve the strongest demand signal to scale the hydrogen production and distribution industry. 4 key speakers and an interactive Q & A session will give attendees a deep dive understanding of the strategic opportunities.



Corporate Renewables: Alternative Clean Energy Sources

Corporations pursuing GHG emission reductions and decarbonisation by powering their operations with renewable energy represent different sectors, business sizes and geographies. Despite the significant attention given to corporate PPAs, this solution is often not viable for corporates with lower or fragmented energy consumption.  So what alternative solutions exist and which corporate profiles are best suited to each? Watch now to find out more:



Threats and Opportunities for Renewables in the Face of Covid-19 

During times of great change, the impacts of the coronavirus on the clean energy transition will be profound. However, as one of the world’s least affected industries, it’s not all doom and gloom for the electricity sector, which is predicting increased investment, stronger climate policies facilitating renewables and further advances to its digital operations.




Revolutionise Your Business Development Strategy

Transition your outreach to the digital world.





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