Cost Overrun Report

Latin American renewable energy projects suffer fairly normal completion delays compared to other regions, but are far more likely to incur project cost overruns. A brief analysis of the problem — and a call to action to remedy.

Mexico's Exploding Solar Market - Towards a 1GW!

Mexico is one of the hottest global renewable energy markets and is currently the second largest power market in Latin America with US$110 billion of investment in the generation, transmission and distribution sectors forecast until 2030.

Argentina and the Economics of Clean Energy

Over the past 18 months Argentina has entered the clean energy economy with a bang with the highly successful, successive rounds of the utility scale RenoVar programme (3582MW worth of projects licensed in rounds 1/1.5/2, with round 2 yet to happen).

Energy storage as a tool for resiliency in Central America

A high dependency on imported fossil fuels can increase a country’s vulnerability to poor electricity access, following extreme weather events. With around 87% of energy consumed in the Caribbean region coming from imported fossil fuels, this dependency increases the risk of power cuts following natural disasters.

Speed to Energy

Renewables provide energy quickly, especially if decentralised prosumer markets take up technology quickly, such as solar roofs, geothermal heat pumps and biomass burners.

Solar + Storage = Baseload

 Could solar see unparalled growth for an energy technology? Should it be viewed as a consumer product and hence follow adoption curves more common say with mobile phones? What happens when battery economics follow solar?

The UK Solutions Project

This project is to help the UK Government set the right energy strategy to transition to a low capex energy system and reduce future energy bills for UK businesses and consumers alike.

Chile, an Engine for Clean Disruption?

Chile is one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations, thanks to it’s independent, efficient judicial system, 20 years of prudent public finance management and the successful development and use of it’s copper wealth.

Are Clean Energy Project Risks Increasing Too Much?

How sure are you of your revenue model for a clean energy project? How well can youpredict the performance of a renewable energy project? Are you sure you have got the optimal financing and balance of debt? How well have you mitigated the risks?

Colombia - Waking the Renewable Giant

Colombia is finally joining the regional renewable party as project pipelines start to build up, the country should be able to rapidly grow it’s non-hydro renewable power generation project base.

President Trump vs Mexico: Why it is Good for Clean Energy?

Discounting the various theories about why he is pushing “alternative” facts for diversionary purposes I thought it would be worthwhile examining the real facts and entwined, long term, mutually beneficial relationship between the USA and it’s 2nd largest trading partner.

MIREC WEEK 18 - Raises the bar!

MIREC WEEK, the largest conference, exhibition and networking event for the Mexican solar and clean energy industry, broke all records at it’s eighth annual event.

BRAZIL - Webinar

What is the expected trajectory for solar distributed generation upscale in Brazil, and what does this mean for market opportunities? Watch our free webinar.

MIREC WEEK: Houston Briefing

Two leading investors in Latin American renewable energy from Marathon Capital and Aldwych Capital discuss potential pitfalls and associated risks of entering the market.

BRASIL - Report

Green Power has put together this snapshot report to highlight the opportunities and challenges in this vast market. 

CHILE: Report

Renewable energy medium-term market report highlights Latin America with a special focus on Chile providing market analysis and forecasts to 2020.