Powering systemic change: cultivating collaboration to grow the clean energy sector

From our outset, Green Power Global has recognised that achieving systemic change requires a collective effort. Governments, private capital, independent power producers, environmental impact consultants, and other stake holders must all be encouraged to cooperate. We bring all these players together, leveraging their unique skillsets, to create an efficient value chain for cost-effective clean energy infrastructure, delivering affordable clean electrons and molecules for a sustainable future.

Accelerating Renewable Energy Growth Since 2003

We are a global and technology-agnostic organization, dedicated to driving growth in the renewable energy sector. Through impactful events, cutting-edge research, and extensive networking, we have been at the forefront of the industry, expediting the transition to renewables and contributing to its maturation. Our efforts range from lobbying for investment-grade policies to connecting financiers with quality projects, all aimed at achieving a 100% clean and sustainable energy system.

Our history

As global warming and its catastrophic effects have unfolded, so has the urgency and opportunities for solutions in a series of “must happen” markets. At Green Power Global, we have kept abreast of these changes, adapting, improving and adjusting direction along the way to help in order to accelerate the evolution of the renewable energy market. This is our story so far.

2003 - 2007  With EU targets set, the renewable energy industry is born, along with a pioneering Green Power Global.

In 2003, the EU set renewable electricity targets which, despite their limitations, ignited the renewable energy industry. To accelerate its growth of the industry, Green Power Global was launched, aiming to help some of the newer EU markets in Central and Eastern Europe meet their renewable electricity targets.

In the early days, there was little thought that renewables could ever compete with fossil fuels and as such we also sought to take advantage of the EU ETS and global carbon markets to use various government schemes to fund emission reduction projects so that we might help to “level the playing field” against the heavily subsidised fossil fuels. Accordingly, we developed and self funded a global series of 10 annual events, including Carbon Markets USA, Carbon Markets Asia and Voluntary Carbon Markets. In 2005 we ran the first Renewable Energy Finance conferences in Hong Kong, igniting interest in renewables in China.

We also helped accelerate the nascent biobased markets through the World Bio Markets Congress.  In 2007 Al Gore addressed 1500 executives who were looking at the potential for 2nd generation biofuels, biobased power and biobased chemicals to provide an alternative to petrochemical based value chains.

In 2007 we also launched our first solar technology event and since then we have helped accelerate renewable power project development across the globe.

2008-2012 Global Financial Crisis, Carbon market rise and fall, and the Green Power Academy is launched.

Following the financial crisis of 2008-9, Carbon Market prices crashed and the EU’s renewable ‘feed-in’ tariffs were rapidly withdrawn. As a result, we shifted our focus into the emerging renewable energy markets of Latin America, where net energy importers such as Chile were yet to capitalise on their abundant renewable energy resources and potential for a utility scale approach to renewable energy. We successfully built a portfolio of large-scale renewable electricity congresses in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Mexico.

In 2008, we launched the Green Power Academy, aiming to enhance the renewable industry capacity, by upskilling, by providing knowledge and by promoting best practices through focused training courses.

As Sir Bob Geldof & Hermann Scheer defended biofuels at the World Biofuels Markets in 2010 we launched the TIREC event concept in Turkey to help simultaneously accelerate multiple market segments of wind, solar and geothermal. In the US, Gabrielle Giffords gave a keynote address at our Solar Power Generation USA event.

In 2012, Green Power Global Launched the first Offshore Wind events in the USA to help grow the market and introduce the US to European ‘know how’. Despite the fact that markets were slowing across the globe, our  platforms to accelerate renewable energy projects, CIREC in Chile and MIREC in Mexico, grew substantially.

2013 - 2017 Green Power Global facilitates the utility scale solar power boom with a shift in focus to the Latin American Market.

In 2013, utility-scale solar projects flourished in Chile's Atacama Desert whilst in the US,  with support from Green Power Global's Solar Power Generation event in Las Vegas, multiple new projects were given planning permits as a result of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) breakfast briefing.

In 2014, the potential of Mexico's Sonora Desert began to be realised, its output achieving what were, at the time, record low prices for solar electricity at auctions. Meanwhile, following meetings at our Geopower Asia Congress in Jakarta, geothermal power projects obtained financing.  Building on the success achieved in Chile and Mexico, we expanded our events into Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay.

In 2017, solar energy was sold in Chile at the lowest price ever. By this point our Mexican and Argentinian events were attended by 1500+ attendees. The events were then transferred to a global media business so that they could continue their development around locally based offices. Furthermore, in that same year, the success of World Biofuels Markets Congress resulted in its transferral to a biobased media title.

2018 - 2022 As the effects of climate change ramp up and COVID 19 strikes,  our focus shifts from decarbonising electrons back to molecules and World Hydrogen Leaders is launched.

In 2018, with renewable energy accounting for 70% of global power capacity additions, the energy transition was still insufficient given that it was largely confined to the electron market. In order to address the next phase of the energy transition we exited our Latin American Renewable Electricity Portfolio and we launched the World Hydrogen Congress in order to look beyond electronic and power solutions and to target deep decarbonization in heat and mobility molecule markets.

2019-20 was the worst ever fire season in Australia with conservative estimates projecting losses of over one billion mammals, birds and reptiles combined. In the same year, Green Power Global developed and launched clean hydrogen training courses.

In 2020, global travel was cancelled due to COVID, leading to the Green Power Global's World Hydrogen Congress being run virtually. This gave rise to World Hydrogen Leaders digital training and networking platform. The following year, the World Hydrogen Congress took place successfully with the delegates meeting in person. Hydrogen's role as a crucial component in the clean energy transition was solidified.

In 2022, Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine disrupted global methane markets. Meanwhile, the World Hydrogen Global Series of Congresses was successfully launched and 2000+ executives graduated from World Hydrogen training courses and events.

Meet the team

The World Hydrogen Leaders and SAF Congresses businesses boast an incredible array of highly experienced and specialised talent which specialises in commercial alternative energy events and, collectively, has a 100+ years sector experience:

Nadim Chaudhry
Chief Executive Officer, Green Power Global & World Hydrogen Leaders & Board Member SAF Congress

Nadim has 20 years experience in curating climate change and renewable energy commercial events and training courses. An entrepreneurial leader who has self financed all of the company’s activities as we enter our 3rd decade in accelerating the energy transition.

David Sansom
Managing Director, World Hydrogen Leaders & Board Member SAF Congress.

David has a decade of experience in leading commercial alternative energy event teams, David is a master in communicating, planning and motivating the company to produce high value, premium products that exceed our clients expectations.

Megan Farbrother
Research Director, World Hydrogen Leaders.

Megan leads the internal research team at World Hydrogen Leaders and is also studying a MSc in Global Energy & Climate Policy from the University of London’s prestigious SOAS School. Megan is a master in detail and obsessive in her understanding of the commercial realities in the markets we serve.

Oliver Sawyer
Sponsorship Director, World Hydrogen Leaders.

Oliver has 8 years experience in commercial roles in alternative energy helping clients with their marketing, branding, communications and positioning strategies. Oliver really understands the markets that we serve at a granular detail.

Shelley Gibson
Operations Director, World Hydrogen Leaders

With both a degree in event management and over 7 years experience in running events, Shelley is a detailed obsessed project manager who leads the operations team at World Hydrogen Leaders.

Harpreet Sohanpal
Marketing Director, World Hydrogen Leaders

With 20 years experience in event marketing, Harpreet understands the ever evolving nature of marketing and the specialty of event marketing, marketing technology, database management and the legal requirements of good data practices and legal compliance.

Jamie Dowswell
Managing Director, Sustainable Aviation Futures

With well over a decade of experience in commercial alternative energy events across multiple markets in Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe, Jamie has a granular grasp of the markets which he serves and he consistently delivers excellent content programmes for his audiences.

Jonathan Hull
Head of Sales, World Hydrogen Leaders

With nearly 8 years experience in curating audiences for alternative energy events, Jon is a proven communicator and an honest broker who manages a large network of successful client relationships.

Lucy Rankin
Head of Content, World Hydrogen Leaders

Lucy has over 10 years experience in researching industry trends for event programmes, building effective partnerships with stakeholders and project management. Managing a team of producers, she has successfully launched numerous Word Hydrogen conferences and is continuing to grow each event.

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